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Take BKK’s public transport services to the Sziget Festival

The 20th Sziget Festival will be held from Sunday 5 August to Monday 13 Sunday on Óbuda Island. Thanks to the agreement between Sziget and BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, special CityPASS wristbands will go on sale entitling holders to public transport and other special services during the event. Furthermore, we are launching special dedicated transport services and provide higher frequency on regular scheduled public transport services.

During this year’s, the 20th Sziget Festival

–         we sell jointly with Sziget CityPASS wristbands which entitle holders among others to free public transport on BKK’s services within the area of the City of Budapest, to free entry to spas and pools, provides discounts on Budapest museum tickets, the zoo and the amusement park and the services of City Taxi,

–         we provide more frequent and also night services on suburban railway H5, in addition we also provide higher capacity on night buses serving the area,

–         we start special dedicated boat services to Sziget,

–         we provide bus transfers for CityPASS holders from the airport directly to Sziget


The venue of Sziget Festival is Óbuda Island located in northern part of Budapest and it can be reached from the Buda side of the river Danube. Access is recommended by suburban railway H5 but a circa one-kilometre-long walk is also an option from buses 34, 86, 106, 109, 134, 206 and 234 coming from the city centre and South Buda or alternatively by the dedicated boat service.

Suburban railway H5 can be easily accessed at the following connection points:

In addition to the above, BKK launches special direct services to Óbuda Island: only the Sziget-Budapest CityPASS entitles festival-goers to use the bus transfer services to and from the airport as well as the special boat service to the island. The boat service can also be used without the CityPASS by buying 900 HUF tickets on board.

Please find public transport network maps for daytime services here and night services here.

The maps below help with orientation on how to access the location of Sziget Festival:


We are adjusting our services to accommodate the significantly higher-than-usual level of traffic in the area as follows: in order to support the increased passenger numbers during the Sziget Festival, we provide higher frequencies in the timetable as well as more capacity on some of our services.

For security reasons, boat service D13 will not serve the Óbuda Island pier on Sunday August 5, Saturday 11 August and Sunday 12 August. Special dedicated Sziget boats will operate instead.


Between Sunday, 5 August and Monday, 13 August two dedicated boat services connect Petőfi tér (Erzsébet híd) and Óbuda Island (boat service D21) and Jászai Mari tér and Óbuda Island (boat service D22). CityPASS holders can use the boat service without extra charge; all others must buy a ticket on board for 900 HUF.

The boats serve the following piers:

The boats operate as follows: on days -2, -1 and 0 (that is between Sunday 5 August and Tuesday 7 August) from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.; on days 1-5 (that is between Wednesday 8 August and Sunday 12 August) from 2:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.; on Monday 13 August (that is the final day) from 2:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. every 30 minutes.

Please find timetables of the special boat service here.


From Saturday 4 August to Wednesday 8 August – during the days of “moving in” – and the first days direct transfer service is provided from Terminal 2 of Liszt Ferenc International Airport to Óbuda- Auchan store only in the direction from the airport to town every 30 minutes between 8:45 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. at night exclusively for Budapest CityPASS holders.

On Monday 13 August – the day of “moving out” – direct transfer service is provided from Óbuda- Auchan store to Terminal 2 of Liszt Ferenc International Airport only in the direction to the airport every 10 and later 20 minutes between 3:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. exclusively for Budapest CityPASS holders.

Further information about the transfer service is available here.

A repülőtéri transzfer buszok közlekedése


BKK Centre for Budapest Transport provides unlimited travel for Sziget CityPASS holders on scheduled transport services: the full tram-, trolleybus- and metro network and the cogwheel-railway; on buses up to the first stop following the Budapest city area borderline, on the suburban railway within the Budapest city area as well as the regular scheduled boat services D11 and D12 on weekdays only and also all dedicated boat services to the Sziget. Only Sziget CityPASS holders can take advantage of the airport transfers.

Sziget CityPASS also ensures one-time free entry to any of Budapest’s many spas or swimming pools and 20% discount for all later visits. Further discounts are given as follows:

CityPasses are valid from Thursday, 2 August to 12:00 midnight on Tuesday 14 August at the price of 8,700 HUF (29 €).

The 48-hour CityPass is valid from the day of purchase to midnight of the following day at the price of 2,700 HUF (9 €).

Our ticket offices below are CityPASS sales points

Passes are for sale at Sziget sales points as well.


For security reasons, please note that traffic restrictions will be in place again during the Sziget Festival in the area of Óbuda Island. From 8:00 p.m. on Friday, 3 August the section between Mozaik utca and the new road to Gázgyári lakótelep of Jégtörő utca will be closed, also the section between Mozaik utca 16. and Jégtörő utca will be closed.  As the Sziget ticket offices will be located in the parking area near the intersection of Jégtörő utca and K-híd leading to the island, it will be prohibited to stop there. Only special permit holders will have car access to the area marked by Szentendrei út – Reményi Ede út – Jégtörő utca – Mozaik during the event.

At the request of the Chief of Budapest Police, car access will be prohibited to the section of the lower Buda embankment between the southern access point near Margit híd and the Mozaik utca intersection – with the help of police cordons – every day from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. between 5 and 12 August. Car access to the closed section of the embankment is possible for direct traffic only based on the decision of the police.

The path of the EuroVelo 6 international cycle path leading through Jégtörő út will be temporarily modified as follows: coming from the south, the path will be diverted to join the Szentendrei út cycle path via the Búza utca and Köles utca underpasses while coming from the opposite direction the diverted route leads through Záhony utca – Szentendrei út cycle path – Köles utca underpass – Búza utca.

Have a good time at the festival!

Budapest, 3 August 2012

BKK Centre for Budapest Transport