How to buy
and use
your mobile ticket in the mobile app

The mobile ticket is a Budapest public transport ticket or pass purchasable through a mobile application offered by NM Zrt. A live data connection is required for use. Find out more by clicking on the arrows in the pictures.

The travelcards and passes purchased as a mobile ticket with a mobile phone can be used for travel in the same way as paper based travelcards and passes, but a major difference is that while paper tickets must be shown to the driver upon boarding through the front door (on services with that boarding policy), or to access guards at metro stations, in the case of mobile tickets the validation codes must be scanned using a smart phone and the appearing animation must be shown to the driver or access guard.
The airport shuttlebus ticket requires validation: the paper version needs to be stamped with a validating machine, while the displayed validation code needs to be scanned for the mobile ticket. The journey must not be started without validating the airport shuttlebus ticket.

Please see the details below to find out about the simple purchase process and about how to use the mobile ticket.

BKK Centre for Budapest Transport aims to make ticket purchase simpler, more convenient and quicker through the introduction of the mobile ticket. Please try this new sales channel and send your feedback to [email protected] so we can learn from your experience. Thank you in advance.

Mobile ticket
Frequently Asked

General Questions

What is the mobile ticket?
The public transport mobile ticket is a travel entitlement available for purchase through mobile applications offered by different contracted distributors.
Direct services related to the apps are offered by the respective distributors, while the transport service accessible with a valid mobile ticket is offered by BKK Zrt.
What types of tickets, travelcards and passes are available as a mobile ticket?
  • Airport shuttle bus single ticket (100E)
  • Travelcards:
    • • 24-hour Budapest-travelcard
    • • 72-hour Budapest-travelcard
    • • Seven-day Budapest-travelcard
  • Full-price passes:
    • • 15-day Budapest-pass
    • • 15-day Budapest pass (business)
    • • Monthly Budapest-pass
    • • Monthly Budapest-pass (business)
  • Discount-price passes:
    • • 15-day Budapest-pass for pupils
    • • Monthly Budapest-pass for pupils
    • • Monthly Budapest-pass for students
    • • Monthly Budapest-pass for pensioners
    • • Monthly Budapest-pass for parents with small children
What are the technical requirements for using the mobile ticket?
Passengers need a smart phone with an at least Android 5 or iOS 10 operating system. It is important to have a working camera as it is required for using the app.
Also, the phone needs to have an active data connection for both the purchase process and travel.
How can I pay?
In the NM Zrt app, you can pay by bankcard through the OTP secure payment interface or you can charge your internal user balance. You can also top up your balance through OTP secure payment. Payment modes might vary depending on the app offered by the different providers. For more information, please turn to your app provider.
Can I request an invoice to be issued to a private person only or to a business (employer) as well?
Both are possible, but please be aware that no invoice can be issued to a business for student or pensioner passes.
How do I get the invoice?
The mobile ticket will be available from different apps whose invoicing processes might vary (e.g. some provider issue invoices on the first calendar day following the reference month, while others might do so immediately after purchase). Please turn to your app operator with any questions regarding invoicing.
What to do if I get a new phone or if the app gets reinstalled?
In these cases, the user account is not deleted, but as the purchased mobile tickets are linked to the mobile phone, they become inactive and cannot be used for travel in case a different phone is used, or if the app is reinstalled (or in case the phone settings change in a similar way). Linking a limited number of tickets to a new phone is possible in the app. If ticket transfer within the app is no longer possible, please visit any BKK customer service center.
My ID number has changed. What should I do?
If the validity of your travelcard or pass has already started before the ID number change, please visit any BKK customer service centre to present your new ID and an agent will take care of the modification.
If validity has not started yet, please get a refund for your current travelcard or pass in the app and buy a new one providing the new ID number.
Where can I give feedback about the mobile ticket or report errors?

Please use the following contact options for general feedback or questions:

  • • E-mail: [email protected];
  • • Phone: +36 1 3 255 255;
  • • Postal address: BKK Zrt., 1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén u. 19–21.

Regarding technical issues (such as the operation of the app, registration, payment process, invoicing etc.), customers are advised to use the contact details shown within the app.


Is registration required in all cases?
Yes, mobile ticket users need to register. If you already have registered to the app you wish to use, you do not need to register again. You register with the operator of your app not with BKK Zrt.
Where is the app available for download?
After clicking on DOWNLOAD on the top of the page, you will be transferred to the website of the National Mobile Payment Plc. (NM Zrt.), from where you can download the application of your choice including those offered by providers.
I have not received the confirmation e-mail for my registration / I have provided the wrong e-mail address. What shall I do?
Please turn to your app provider with any registration related issues, as BKK Zrt. has no competence to deal with them.
How can I delete my registration?
Please contact your app provider, as BKK Zrt. has no competence to deal with registration related issues, such as cancelling registrations.

Ticket control

What do I need to present to the driver on bus 100E/front-door boarding services and to access control staff at metro stations?
Please select the purchased travelcard or pass, then scan the displayed validation code and show the animated symbol to the driver/control staff.
Please see further details of travelling with a mobile ticket under the Travel section.
How are mobile tickets checked? What do I need to present to the inspector?
If inspectors are controlling tickets during your journey, please show the ticket code linked to the valid travelcard or pass that is available by touching the icon in the bottom left corner of the mobile ticket.
I have a valid mobile ticket, but could not present it during control. Can I present it subsequently, after having been fined?
Only if your mobile ticket is a pass. You can present it within five workdays after fining at designated BKK Customer Service Centres. You need to present the penalty-fare payment mandate (“yellow cheque”) along with the mobile ticket valid at the time of inspection and the matching photo ID.

Purchase Process

How do I buy a mobile ticket?
Select the suitable ticket type in the app, provide the required data (validity period, photo ID number, quantity), then select the payment method.
Which data do I need to provide upon purchase?
In the case of the airport shuttle bus single ticket (100E), you need to enter the quantity. In the case of travelcards and passes, you need to set the validity period and enter the number of the linked photo ID.
Where can I find the purchased item?
After successful payment, the purchased item will appear under the “not yet valid” category, from where it will be automatically relocated to the “valid” folder at the start of the validity period (but two minutes after purchase at the earliest).
Can I buy tickets, travelcards and passes for other passengers?
The answer is yes in the case of airport shuttle bus single tickets (100E). You can buy several tickets for other passengers travelling with you, but the tickets must be validated for travel one by one. That is why we recommend for faster service that each passenger use his or her user account on their own mobile device for buying and using the ticket.
Travelcards and passes are personalised, thus each passenger must purchase his or her own within their own user account.
Can the mobile ticket be purchased in advance?
Yes. The mobile travelcards and passes can be purchased up to 30 days before the start of their respective validity periods.
Can I get a refund for my unused mobile ticket?
Yes. There is a possibility in the application to get a refund for unused and non-validated airport shuttle bus single tickets (100E) and also travelcards and passes, but the latter two only before the start of their validity.
Can I replace my mobile ticket?
No, but you can get a refund in the app for unused and non-validated tickets.
Some types of passes do not appear among purchasable items at all. Why is that?
Please check if you have logged in to the correct user account. Student and pensioner passes are not purchasable in business accounts, therefore those types of pass will not be shown at all.
What shall I do if my bank sends a notification about the amount charged, but the purchased item does not appear in the app?
Please check first among “not yet valid” items in the app.
The amount of your purchase is at first only blocked in your bank account (you will be sent a notification about this at the time of purchase), your bank will book the charge after verifying that the transaction has been successful. If the purchased item does not appear among “not yet valid” ones, the blocked amount will probably be released. Please contact your bank concerning this.


Can I use the mobile ticket immediately after purchase?
The mobile travelcards and passes can be used for travel two minutes after successful payment at the earliest.
Do I need to validate my mobile ticket each time I travel?
No. Only the airport shuttle bus single ticket (100E) must be validated before each journey. Travel must not be started without validation. Travelcards and passes require no validation, just like in the case of their paper-based counterparts. However, on the metro network and on lines where boarding is through the front door, you must verify the validity of your travelcard or pass (see below).
How do I board airport shuttle bus 100E?
As you get on the bus, log in to the app and select the already purchased ticket, then click on ”Validate on board” and scan the displayed validation code. After successful scanning, you must present the appearing animated symbol to the driver or staff member.
How do I board services where boarding must be done through the front door?
Upon boarding, log in to the app and select the travelcard or pass. Please touch ‘’Scan code for ride” then scan the validation code. After the code has been successfully scanned, you need to present the appearing animated symbol to your driver.
Please consult the  timetables on the BKK website or at the stop to see to which service the front-door boarding policy applies.
How do travel on the metro network?
If control staff are on duty at the entry point of a station, please select your already valid travelcard or pass as you enter the territory of the station. Then touch “Scan code for ride” and scan the code displayed on the ticket validating machine. After the code has been scanned successfully, the animated symbol appearing in the app needs to be shown to the control staff.
How do travel on the suburban railway and tram network and on buses and trolleybuses where boarding is possible through all doors?
In the same way as with regular paper-based travelcards and passes, therefore you do not need to scan the validation code as you get on.
If inspectors are controlling tickets during your journey, select your valid ticket in the app and show the matching ticket code by touching the icon found in the bottom left corner of the ticket.
What happens if I have a valid mobile ticket, but my mobile phone’s battery has gone dead or I have no data connection?
Please make sure that your phone is charged and you are connected to the internet, otherwise you will not be able to present your mobile ticket and the driver or staff will prevent you from boarding, or ticket inspectors may issue you a penalty fare.
The app displays the following error message: "The selected ticket is not valid on this line." What is the reason behind it, and what to do in such cases?

Such an error message is displayed if you wish to use a ticket that is not valid for the given line, for example:

  • • if you wish to use the metro services in possession of the Airport shuttle bus single ticket, as that ticket type is valid only for bus line 100E.
  • • if you wish to ride airport shuttlebus 100E in possession of a daily travelcard or a pass, as those are not valid for the shuttle service.

If you see the error message above, please double check to see if you have selected the appropriate ticket.

The app displays the following error message: “This ticket has been already validated on another service and it can be used only on that line.” What is the reason behind it, and what to do in such cases?
This message can occur only in case of the Airport shuttle bus single ticket, when you would like to validate a ticket that has already been validated on another bus 100E. Please note that the Airport shuttle bus single ticket is valid only for a single trip, so accordingly, an already-validated ticket cannot be used again.